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  Thanks to Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2020, TelBari LLC is considered the Best Emerging Organic Skincare Manufacturer-Mid Atlantic

About Skin Detoxification and Cell Healing

  The skin is the largest organ of your body that acts as a third lung, absorbing the air from the environment and perspiring waste into the air again. The skin's normal function is to exhale gases, sweat, water, and certain toxic salty substances. The skin also secretes sebum from the sebum glands, which maintains the skin and hair elasticity. Usually, the skin is supposed to protect the inner body.    The skin accumulates toxins from inside and outside the body. The environmental pollutants, UV rays, and chemicals from your care are as dangerous as the toxins generated from inside. For example, UV rays can create an increased level of reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species in cells, resulting in oxidative damage to lipids, proteins, and DNA. This oxidative damage is one of the reasons why UV rays can induce skin cancer. Chemicals can cause oxidation of lipids and other cell compounds, which ultimately generate free radicals.   Also, petrochemical derivative