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Protect the Barrier Function of Your Skin!

The selectively permeable skin barrier is the topmost layer of the skin (so-called "dead skin layer"), which has a tremendous role in protecting dehydration and variable environmental changes. This layer contains cells without nuclei comprised of keratin filaments sank in a lipid milieu of free cholesterol, cholesterol ionic (sulfate cholesterol), ceramide, and other free fatty acids. The role of each of the constituents of this layer is still an open question.   One thing is sure! Any modification in the skin barrier's equilibrium may trigger different skin conditions such a dryness, itchiness, or dermatitis.    Preservation of the skin barrier qualities became a necessity these days when we encounter so many pollution sources around us. To maintain a healthy and active skin barrier, you should moisturize your skin daily. There are many essential qualities that a moisturizer has to achieve to protect the skin barrier.  One of the essential qualities of a moisturi