TelBari_Organic Herbal Skincare Uses Frequency Energized Water in its Formulations

Frequency is the language that all life understands at a cellular level. It is the foundation upon which every physiological process is based. It is the critical means of communication between all things on a macrocosmic as well as microcosmic level. Our cells exchange information and regulate body functions through the sending and receiving of specific frequencies. This cell signaling precedes and regulates all biochemical actions.

Everything we know and understand has a vibrational frequency measured in Hertz (Hz). 

The most important property of water is Energy. Energized

water is water charged with a specific frequency. These charged molecules form a particular hexagonal crystalline shape. This allows them to form clusters. ... There are other healthy frequencies and harmonics of those frequencies that are capable of returning an ailing body to wellness.

The most effective means of introducing those healthy frequencies is through the use of sound. Sound is much more efficient as a frequency carrier than light when it comes to influencing the cells. Why is this? Your body is mostly fluid: you are around 75% water. Sound travels much farther in water than does light.
Water is highly susceptible to oscillating frequencies. The molecules literally change shape depending upon what frequency they are exposed to. Our DNA, like the rest of us, is also mostly water.

We are using two different frequencies to energized our spring water. One is 432Hz the other is 528Hz
432 Hz. The magic number everybody is talking about. It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, to have cosmic healing powers. 432 Hz is the frequency of the heart / brain / earth / sun / water. 432, on the other hand, hits the sweet spot and harmonizes with the patterns of the universe. 
Frequency 528 Hz, Mend DNA: Cell Regeneration, Miracle Skin Repair

Energized water is water charged with a specific frequency. These charged molecules form a particular hexagonal crystalline shape. This allows them to form clusters. These molecular clusters make it easier for DNA signaling to occur more accurately and efficiently; for clearer, less scrambled signals to be sent and received at a much faster rate. They also help to strengthen the shape and form of DNA strands. When the amount of energized water is reduced even slightly, when the frequency is disturbed, then the researchers noted that critical DNA function failed on an energetic level.
Steve Chemski, a biochemist and researcher, found that the hexagonal-shaped clustered water molecules he observed emitted a particular resonant frequency – 528 cycles per second. This frequency, as well as its corresponding harmonics, can recalibrate weakened DNA water molecules, causing them to entrain and reform into the perfect hexagonal crystalline shapes that are capable of creating clusters supporting DNA function and healthy balance in the body.
“The stability of the hexagonal shape gives the water and the rehydrating cell  systems a biologically active form of the water.” In time the skin tends to degenerate as a part of the natural aging process says, Dr. Lorenzen.

Masaru Emoto (1943 – 2014) was a Japanese researcher who has dedicated his life to the “language” of the water. What he discovered is something very important: the water has a memory and is able to store information.
The most engaging aspect of the discovery is that water reacts differently according to the information it receives, showing, through its crystals, forms that can be more or less harmonious.
In conclusion, besides the effectiveness of the skin of the herbs and oils, frequency energized water also induces proper hydration of the skin, reshaping of the skin cells and active synthesis of the biological processes. These properties maintain the youthful appearance of the skin for a long time.


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